The company is constructed in three phases, adopting a new process layout and design, creating an integrated process layout from sponge titanium, smelting, forging to processing materials, and forming an "integrated, professional, digital, intelligent" titanium and titanium alloy material production line, reaching an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons, realizing customized and large-scale production of titanium and titanium alloys with "controllable quality and cost". In the next 8 to 10 years, it will become the most influential professional supplier of titanium and titanium alloy materials in the world.

The company plans to build 15,000 tons of titanium production capacity by the end of 2023. The main equipment includes a set of 10,000-ton electrode pressing system, 4 sets of 20-ton VAR melting furnaces, 4 sets of 6-ton VAR furnaces, 2 sets of 7-ton EB furnaces, 1 set of 5,000-ton fast forging machine, 1 set of 2,000-ton fast forging machine, and related supporting equipment.
The main products include titanium and titanium alloy ingots, plates (billets), bars (billets), strips, foil coils, and deep-processed products.

The company will follow the idea and goal of "integration, innovation, transcendence, and leadership", integrate the advantages of all shareholders in the titanium industry chain, and continue to innovate and surpass in all aspects of equipment production technology and product quality. After the overall construction of the project is completed, Central Source Titanium will be built into a world-leading titanium enterprise.